While we in the firearms community are all about safety, we know and understand that licensing is a “contract” that further restricts private property ownership in Canada. Once a license has expired, we are instantly criminalized. C-42 was to give us a 6 month “grace period” but has never been implemented, and it would have fallen far short of addressing the real issues associated with licensing itself.

By accepting this process, we fail to recognize the ramifications of this “social contract” whereby licensing is permission that allows the state to effectively, steal your property. Theft by any means still constitutes theft, whether by your neighbor or by the state. By agreeing to any “social contract” you are putting your fate in the hands OF the state, this is unacceptable in any capacity.

“In a democratic society, the populace consents to be governed by the laws of the land in part because they have a role in making those laws through the election of legislators.” (Rousseau)

A representative democracy does not create a close enough connection between the electorate and law-making, favoring direct democracy.

Under our present system, laws pertaining to our natural rights are now created and administered by a national police force. This has more in common with a dictatorial police state than it does with a free and liberated society of sovereign individuals.

What we are proposing is that, safety training be mandatory (CFSC) with an attempt at reverting back to the old FAC system, where, with a small fee, and a background check, we were able to purchase firearms, eliminating the requirement for licensing and the associated bureaucracy involved. This means that we will also need to make an attempt to address C-68 to have it amended or repealed in its entirety.

With your support, we can tackle the issues in the best interests of all firearms owners across Canada.