Targets & Goals of the F.A.C.

Make it easier at border crossings for law-abiding, legal firearms (property)

Put forward, a policy that does not inhibit Canadian firearm owners at border crossings.

Push to reverse bad range “policies”

There have been some cases in Canada where range executives have placed undue restrictions on their members. (More information is needed)

Engage more with the general public

We will be attending and creating our own events to engage public interest, addressing concerns and questions while maintaining a professional image.

Get politicians to the range (photo ops)

We will be approaching MP’s and municipal Councilors, to get them experiencing the safe handling and discharge of firearms at various ranges across Canada.

Protecting life and property
Concealed carry, Wilderness carry

We will be working with other organizations to assist us in presenting strategies for a national program that will benefit Canadian society as a whole.

Attempt to remove restrictions on basic safety accessories (Vest and silencers for licensed firearms users)

It is our belief that we should not be restricted when it comes to safety, the current laws in Nova Scotia and the rest of Canada where similar restrictions have been put in place regarding body armor will be addressed. As with any laws put in place that restrict only the law abiding, the ability to purchase and utilize silencers for range use also has its benefits.
Confront the media with facts when they report on “firearms” violence
Submit a draft of new firearms legislation that will both help combat criminal activity and relieve the burden placed upon law-abiding firearms owners.
Attempt to remove the prohibited class of firearms to “restricted” or remove restrictions to make legal for range use.
Lobby local, provincial and federal governments to have the ability to auction off confiscated firearms, and to be able to publicly auction off firearms used by various police and military authorities upon replacement of existing equipment.

Address mental health issues (Direct funding)
The aim of this goal will be to deflect attention from the expense involved with burdening law abiding firearms owners with more regulation, where those funds could be better spent diagnosing and treating the mentally ill, pursuing criminals and focusing on keeping the onus where it belongs.